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Where to rent carseats

Where to Rent Car Seats?

Baby Equipment rental services a great choice when considering where to rent car seats. These companies are where to rent car seatslocated throughout the US. There is a misconception that only car rental agencies offer car seats to rent, that is not the case. These local baby gear rental companies tend to provide more selection at better rates. They offer car seats for children of all ages, from babies to big kids. In addition, most have both budget and high-end carseat options to cater to all families. Thus, allowing the customer the ability to choose. Safety is not only important for car travel, it’s the law. It’s important that your child is secured in an appropriate safety seat in any vehicle when traveling. So, know that you have options when asking, “Where to rent car seats”. Continue reading for actual rental options.

Choices for Where to Rent Car Seats

Local Baby Equipment Rental Companies

These local services can be found in most cities. When searching “where to rent car seats” these are a great option. These companies are registered to do business in the cities they service, thus adhere to all local and State regulations. Most offer every type of car seat for rent, and many offer both a budget and premium brands. The customer selects the car seat type and brand they prefer. Prices typically range $40 to $50 per week or about $6 a day. While rates depend on the length of the rental, but commonly these services are half the price of those offered by car rental agencies. A big plus is these companies disclose their cleaning process. Additionally, many of these baby rental companies have CPS Technicians on staff.

Car Rental Agencies

Normally car seats are available from the car rental agency. Although, there is no guarantee of availability. Nor do they guarantee the proper car seat for the age, weight and height of the child. Car rental employees rarely have any knowledge or experience with car seats.  Many don’t offer installation manuals, so good luck if you need help. Also, there is no disclosure on how or how often cleaning and inspection takes place. It’s been widely reported online that parents have been issued expired car seats. Car rental agencies are in the business of renting cars, everything else is an accessory. When considering where to rent car seats, consider the provider’s primary business focus. These car seats average $13 per day or a whopping $91 per week.

National Peer to Peer or “Uber-like” services

Recently, there has been an up-tick in the number these services. The premise being that you can rent car seats or other baby items from a local parent. The idea of meeting up with a complete stranger that isn’t part of a registered local business. Really? No background checks, no face to face interviews. Just sign up and “poof” a trusted partner. That doesn’t address the used personal baby gear. These are individuals, rather than companies. Thus, they operate under the radar of local business registration and local tax authorities. Think about it, do you really want your child in a car seat that has been sitting next to a lawn mower in some stranger’s garage? If this is your only option; we suggest parents travel with your child’s car seat.

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