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New Orleans car seat rental for Airport Transfers?

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NOLA Ambassador – Car Seat Rental for Airport Transfers

For your convenience, Rockabye has teamed up with NOLA Ambassador New Orleans car seat rental for Airport Transfers and more!  Give us a call to arrange your car seat rental. Provide us with the name your transportation is reserved under with NOLA Ambassador, the ages/weights of each child, and supply payment information. To contact NOLA Ambassador about transportation service call 504-281-7301 or

Rockabye will take it from there!

We deliver to NOLA Ambassador car seats for your rental prior to your transportation time. The driver will assure the car seats are with him when he meets you at the airport. Once you arrive at your destination, you will need to keep the car seats with you through your stay and for your return transportation at the end of your stay. Once you have returned to the airport, our staff will coordinate with NOLA Ambassador to retrieve the car seat(s). New Orleans car seat rental for Airport Transfers made easier by Rockabye’s relationship with NOLA Ambassador Transportation & Tours.

We will need the age and approximate weight of each child. This will assure you receive appropriate car seats for each child. Rockabye provides the manufacturer’s installation manual with car seats. Neither NOLA Ambassador nor Rockabye personnel can install car seats due to liability issues. Thus, parents should be prepared to install seats for their children. All seats are fully sanitized prior to each rental and are safety checked to assure full functionality.