Stroller Rentals

Rockabye offers a full inventory of stroller rentals for young children. Our popular Premium brands, like Baby Jogger, Valco and BOB, provide the high-end option that some customers prefer. Although, we cater to all budgets and offer a number popular brands of budget conscious stroller rental. We call these strollers, but we’ve found that many of our international guests call them prams, buggies and even push chairs. Regardless the name, we rent a stroller to meet your need.

Please assure that the stroller you choose is appropriate for your child. We include the specifications in the description for each stroller rental. Weight limits apply to all stroller rentals. Over loading can result in bent or broken frames and chassis, in addition to damaged fabrics. Consequently, we encourage you to check the specifications since the renter is responsible for all damages.

Customers get around town with ease using stroller rental, which allows both you and your child to enjoy the many sites with ease. Whether shopping, navigating museums or jogging in the park; we have the stroller rentals you need. Our variety is unmatched and we assure cleanliness and safety.

  • Single Stroller Rental
  • Sit N Stand
  • Double Tandem
  • Twin Side by Side
  • Pram (Bassinet) Stroller
  • Jogging Stroller
  • Wagon

Cleaning & Safety of Strollers

Our most commonly asked question is “Are they clean?” Absolutely, we insist on cleanliness. Therefore, you can read more about our cleaning process by clicking this link. Wondering which buggy to choose? We recommend checking the specifications, then if you still have questions, call us! We are happy to help.

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