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Mobility Rentals Houston

Wheelchair Scooter Rentals

Rockabye offers easily portable wheelchairs and scooter rentals in Houston for elderly and disabled travelers visiting the Houston area. We are a short-term mobility rental service, specializing in rentals from a few days to a few weeks. Rent for the period you need. When a mobility scooter or wheelchair is necessary for a visit to Houston, we can help. Whether for a short recovery, a visit away from home, or for use when lengthy walking isn’t possible. Thus, a short-term rental is just the ticket. Rockabye has the answer for those swollen feet during pregnancy.

Rockabye offers short term rentals of standard mobility rental devices. Wheelchairs, transport chairs, rollators, scooters and crutches by the day, week or month. Our rental items have weight limits generally up to 250-lbs. Since we are not a Medical durable goods retailer, we do not accept insurance. Our items are strictly for rental and none are for purchase. Also, our selection is limited as compared to a medical supply company. Our mobility rental items are a convenience service, rather than a medical service. All Rockabye’s rental items can be delivered to your home, a hotel or a family member’s home.

Mobility Item Rentals
  • Rent a Mobility Scooter in Houston
    Mobility Scooter Rental HOU
  • Rent a Rollator Walker in Houston
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  • Rent a Wheelchair in Houston
    Wheelchair Rental HOU
  • Rent Crutches in Houston
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  • Rent a Transport Chair in Houston
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