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New Orleans Crib Rentals

Rockabye has the largest inventory of New Orleans Crib Rentals. Whether you need baby beds, toddler beds, pack n plays or sleep items. Our cribs and baby beds meet or exceed current federal safety standards. Travelers with small children can get all the baby gear needed for their New Orleans stay to keep baby happy and entertained. We purchase all baby sleep items new, also we register cribs with manufacturers. Our staff safety inspects every crib prior to delivery.

Types of New Orleans Crib Rentals

  • Standard full size crib rental, similar to home, but our cribs fold for easy transport.
  • Compact or Mini cribs provide the size of a pack n play with the style of a crib and mattress.
  • Pack N Plays have padded mattress boards and are a staple for infants.
  • Toddler Bumper Bed includes a fitted sheet and blanket.
  • Bassinet, a great choice for newborns to babies up to 25-lbs.

Why Rent New Orleans Cribs?

Parents traveling to New Orleans understand that keeping babies in consistent sleep patterns can mean a happy baby. Children can be very sensitive to changes to their environment. When baby can’t sleep – no one sleeps. Having a comfy crib with fresh linens can make travel much easier on parents. Grandparents in New Orleans often don’t have the baby gear needed for grandchild visits. Rockabye makes it easy and affordable by providing baby cribs and baby gear rentals to be delivered before guests arrive. Then we pick it all up once guests leave. What could be easier?


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