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Houston Highchair Rentals

Rockabye has a huge variety of Houston highchair rentals for babies and young children to fit every budget.

Highchair rental selection

Our Deluxe Highchair Rental is a full size highchair which features multi position recline, height adjustable, 5-point harness and removable tray. Basic high chairs offer a 3-point harness and removable tray and stationary position. Space savers offer no legs, but instead strap to a dining chair. However space savers recline and offer a 5-point harness. Meal time boosters are intended for toddlers. They strap to a dining chair and boost little ones to table height. A 3-point harness and a small tray is included.  Cooshee boosters are for kids a little older, these have no straps or harness, but add a bit of height to make meal time easy.

Our large inventory also provides a terrific option for special events, such as weddings and conferences. All highchairs and boosters are fully cleaned sanitized and bagged to assure cleanliness for rental.

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Showing all 7 results