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Galveston Highchair Rentals

Huge variety of Galveston highchair rentals and boosters  for babies and young children to fit every budget from Rockabye Baby Rentals.

Highchair rental selection

Our Deluxe Galveston Highchair Rentals – full size highchair featuring multi position recline, 5-point harness and removable tray. The Basic highchairs have a 3-point harness, removable tray and stationary position. Spacesavers have no legs, but instead strap to a dining chair. Although spacesavers do recline and have a 5-point harness. Meal time boosters  intended for toddlers. Booster chairs strap to a dining chair and boost little ones to table height. Also, boosters include a 3-point harness and a small tray.

When visiting from out of town, we deliver to hotels, condos, vacation rental houses, and private residences. Do you have multiple children? Great, we offer highchair options for young children of all ages.

Our inventory also provides a terrific option for special events, such as weddings and conferences. All highchairs and boosters are fully cleaned sanitized and bagged to assure cleanliness for rental.

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  • Rent a Deluxe Highchair Galveston

    Deluxe High Chair Galveston

    This Deluxe High Chair Rental Galveston is easy to clean and has a tray insert that is dishwasher-safe with reclining seat.
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  • Rent a Space Saver Highchair

    Space Saver High Chair Galveston

    Space Saver high chair, designed to sit in a standard dining chair. Has Straps to secure high chair to dining chair. Reclines, 5-point harness, and has a tray.
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  • Rent a Basic Highchair

    Basic High Chair Galveston

    Easy to stow and take on the go, this high chair is specially designed to be simple to take along for the ride. The full size, 3-position adjustable tray grows with your child, giving them extra room as they need it. 
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  • booster chair rental

    Booster Chair Galveston

    Booster Chair Galveston with removable Tray. Easy to use, simple to clean. A great addition for vacationing with toddlers in Galveston.
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  • bottle warmer rental - rockabye baby rentals

    Bottle Warmer Galveston

    The compact  Bottle Warmer rental is the perfect solution for Galveston vacations. It heats bottles quickly-including straight, angled, wide-necked, even disposables.
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Showing all 5 results