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Galveston Crib Rental

Rockabye rents quality baby gear for traveling families and visiting guests throughout the Galveston area. With the largest inventory of Galveston crib rentals for infants and young children; such as, cribs, baby beds, toddler beds, pack n plays and more; our Galveston baby bed rentals meet or exceed current federal safety standards. Also, we purchase all baby sleep items new, and register cribs with manufacturers. Every baby crib is completely sanitized and safety inspection prior to delivery and includes freshly laundered linens.

Delivery Fee applies to each order, in addition to rental costs. Fees are based on Zip Code distance from our warehouse. Cribs require delivery.

Types of Galveston Crib Rentals

  • Standard full size crib rental, similar to home, but our cribs fold for easy transport.
  • Compact or Mini cribs provide the size of a pack n play with the style of a crib and mattress.
  • Pack N Plays have padded mattress boards and are a staple for infants.
  • Toddler bumper bed includes a fitted sheet and blanket.

Why Rent Galveston Cribs?

Parents traveling to Galveston know maintaining consistent sleep patterns can mean a happy baby. Visiting the beach whether for vacation or to see family, doesn’t mean sacrificing your baby’s needs. Children can be very sensitive to changes to their environment. When baby can’t sleep – no one sleeps. Having a comfy crib with fresh linens can make travel much easier on parents. Grandparents in Galveston often don’t have the baby gear needed for grandchild visits. Rockabye makes it easy and affordable by providing baby cribs and baby gear rentals to be delivered before guests arrive. Then we pick it all up once guests leave. What could be easier?

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  • Rent a Full Size Crib

    Crib Rental Galveston

    Galveston Crib Rental folds for easy delivery and movement through standard doorways. Supplied with a fully sanitized mattress and freshly laundered fitted sheet and blanket.
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  • Baby Gear Rental Package

    Essentials Rental Package Galveston

    Houston Summer Rental Pack includes a wood crib with mattress, pad, and linens; a high chair; one age appropriate car seat; and a City Mini single stroller. All for $150/week - What a bargain!
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  • Weekender Baby Rental Package

    Weekender Rental Package Galveston

    Weekender Baby Rental Package - a Pack N Play w/ linens; space saver highchair & video baby monitor. Can swap 1 item for a basic car seat or bouncy seat. What a bargain!
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  • Rent a mini crib

    Compact Crib Galveston

    Compact cribs for rent in Galveston are manufactured by Foundations. These cribs are commercial cribs which are CPSC certified and JPMA approved, meeting the maximum safety standards in the world. Mattress, fitted sheet and light weight blanket are included with rental.
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  • Rent a Toddler Bumper Bed

    Toddler Bed Galveston

    The Galveston Toddler Bed rental with soft bumper side rails is a great option for toddlers and young children who have out grown a crib.
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  • Rent a Pack N Play

    Pack N Play Galveston

    Galveston Pack N Play rental is ultra-portable because it weighs less than 25 lbs. With the easy squeeze latch fold, it's ready to go anywhere!
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  • Rent Bed Rail Bumpers

    Toddler Magic Bumpers Galveston

    Galveston Bed Rail Bumpers are firm foam wedges designed to go under the bedding as a safer and easier alternative to traditional children's bed rails.
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  • Rent a baby monitor

    Audio Baby Monitor Galveston

    Audio Baby Monitor Galveston allow you to listen while baby is napping in another room. This is an excellent choice for newborns and up.
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Showing all 8 results