Galveston Sleep

Galveston Crib Rental

Rockabye has the largest inventory of Galveston crib rental for infants to young children; like baby beds, toddler beds, pack n plays and sleep items. Our cribs and baby beds meet or exceed current federal safety standards. We purchase all baby sleep items new, thus we register cribs with manufacturers and safety inspect every crib prior to delivery.

Galveston Sleep options include:

Full size cribs just like you have at home and come with a standard crib mattress and linens.
Compact cribs or Mini cribs are about the size of a pack n play in the style of a real crib.
Pack N Plays have padded mattress boards and are a great choice for infants.
Toddler beds are a good choice for young children that have  outgrown a crib but are not yet ready for a regular bed. All Galveston baby bed rentals and cribs include a fitted sheet and blanket.

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Showing all 8 results