delivery pick up policy - rockabye

Delivery – Pick up Policy

  • Set up/Take Down inside residential locations is offered for ground level delivery/pickup. If no one is available at the property, items will be left in a covered area such as front porch. If you are renting a vacation rental, notify your property manager/host that you are renting items for your child. The most common reason items cannot be located is due to Housekeepers taking items. This can be avoided by assuring your property manager is aware of your delivery. Due to liability, Rockabye staff cannot carry cribs up or down staircases. Cribs needed on upper floors must me carried up/down staircases by the renter if an elevator is not available.
  • Delivery Pick up should be made at a time when the customer or their designated contact is available to take items inside. In some situations, if there is a covered porch and minimal theft risk, we can arrange to leave items on a front porch pending customer arrival.
  • Where possible, items will arrive in bags. Please keep bags in a secure location to re-bag used items for pick up.
  • Some oversized items cannot be bagged, such as cribs and some strollers.
  • If pick up is not pre-arranged, upon departure from your location, please place all rented items in a covered location outside the property by 10AM for pick up by our staff. Then notify us of your departure. You can text your local representative or an email can be sent to with the last name on the order, city and departure time.