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It is not necessary to clean the gear prior to return.  Rockabye Baby Rentals has a cleaning process that must be followed at the end of every rental. However, we do request that during the rental you are mindful of the condition of the equipment you received and try to return equipment in reasonable condition. If you feed your child items known for staining in our highchairs, please wipe up any spills so stains don't set into fabrics and straps. We request that children are not fed in car seats and strollers.

Please remove personal items from our gear prior to return to our possession. This includes your blankets, pacifiers, toys, receipts, diapers, and such. 

We do have a few No No's, which will result in additional charges. Avoid additional charges:

  • No gum should be given to children using our rental gear.

  • No glitter or sand. If your child is wearing glittered clothing or has been playing in a sandbox or on a beach, please cover car seats or other rental gear with a blanket or towel to avoid getting it embedded in our equipment.

  • No dirty diapers. We understand children need changing, but please dispose of dirty diapers in a trash can and don't leave them in our gear.

  • Vomit, Poop, and other body fluids - They are small children, we get that. Please clean it up to the best of your ability and notify us of the situation. We operate on routes and no one wants to drive around all day smelling those odors. Knowing in advance, we can bring an appropriate bag to contain the item until it's returned to our facility for cleaning.  As well, these  items do require additional cleaning attention.

Do I need to clean baby gear at the end of the rental?

Is the equipment clean?

At Rockabye Baby Rentals, we take cleanliness seriously.  Linens and items that can be laundered are washed in dye free, perfume free, baby friendly detergent. Then dried and bagged to keep linens dry and dust free.

Hard goods and cloth items that are not capable of being laundered, such as Pack N Plays, are sanitized with hospital quality cleaners and then steam sanitized at 180 degrees with a dry steam vapor to assure they are germ free. Items are then dried in a high heat dry room. All items are bagged if possible, or covered if bagging is not possible. This keeps items dust free while in our warehouse.

Certain items cannot be cleaned with steam due to  electronic features.These items include swing frames, bouncy seat frames with vibrate features, and certain toys. These items are hand cleaned using hospital grade cleaners, hand dried and then processed in our high heat dry room.

We know every child's safety and comfort is a top priority.