Carseat Stroller Cleaning


Rockabye Baby Rentals Houston provides car seat and stroller cleaning services. During this time of concern regarding Corona virus and need for cleanliness, why not clean up the baby gear your child uses daily. We don’t “spot” or “sponge” clean; we remove fabrics fully launder and air dry them. We deep clean the shell to remove all the crumbs, sticky stuff, and other yucky stuff. We sanitize to kill all germs, dry, then reassemble everything so you have a fully cleaned car seat that is as close to new as possible.

Carseat Cleaning Disinfection
Example of the bacteria level present on most child carseats

Did you know that car seats are typically have the highest concentration of bacteria, virus, fungus and germs of any part of a vehicle? Since you are stuck at home, why not take the opportunity to have the dirtiest place in your car fully cleaned and sanitized? Carseat Stroller cleaning and disinfection.

According to an article from Metro UK, Scientists swabbed steering wheels, hand brakes, gear sticks and radios, which all registered at 10 to 20 LOD (Limit of Detection) for bacteria – a normal amount. But the child car seats registered an incredible 3,000 LOD, with the main bacteria being faecal streptococci.

Free Pick up and Return (within 15-miles of 77095) at your front porch is included. A delivery/pick up fee (based on mileage) will apply for locations outside 15-miles of our location. We also offer free self drop off and pick up at our Copperfield area location. Email [email protected] or call 281-550-7885 to schedule an appointment. We will need the number of car seats and strollers, the brands and model of your seats and strollers for a quote. Car seats start at $45 each, single strollers are $45, and double strollers are $75. Clek, Diono and certain Britax models are $55 per cleaning due to additional labor involved.

We cannot accept Car Seats that are within 12-months of expiration. We will need the brand, model, and date of manufacture. Upon receipt we will begin removal of fabrics and notify the owner of any problems we find. Some problems we have encountered are broken or missing impact foam, missing or damaged straps, broken or cracked shells. Rockabye is not responsible for broken, damaged or missing parts. Before and After photos are taken of each item. Some parts may be available from the manufacturer to bring your car seat back to full safety standards. Car Seats with damaged or missing parts should never be used for transporting children, as they pose a hazard which could lead to injury or death.

Do you need a loaner while we clean your items? Since we are a rental company, we have a full inventory of Car Seats and Strollers. A loaner is an additional $10 per day to help keep your child safe while getting around town.

This service includes fully cleaning and disinfecting fabrics, shells, frames of items. We use non-toxic, unscented hospital grade cleanser, followed by steam to fully sanitize carseats and strollers. Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations the process will take 1 to 2 days, as some fabrics must be hand washed and air dried. Rockabye has been providing clean and sanitized rental baby gear throughout Houston since 2006.