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Carseat Stroller Cleaning in Houston

Hey there, busy parents! We get it, keeping your little one’s stuff clean and safe can be a real challenge. But guess what? Rockabye Baby Rentals Houston is here to take that weight off your shoulders. We specialize in giving carseats and strollers a thorough clean, so you can relax knowing your kiddo’s gear is in top-notch condition.

Expert Carseat Stroller Cleaning: Trust Our Pros to Give Your Carseat a Safety-First Clean Sweep

    Safety Experts: Our team knows just how important safety is for your child. We’re trained to clean car seats and strollers with the highest standards in mind. Using top-notch techniques and products, we scrub away dirt, germs, and allergens, making sure everything is squeaky clean and safe for your little explorer.

    Thorough Cleaning Process: From Fabric to Buckles, We Leave No Spot Untouched

      Super Detailed Carseat Stroller Cleaning: We leave no stone unturned when it comes to cleaning your gear. From the fabric to the plastic bits, we give everything a deep clean. We pay special attention to all those little nooks and crannies where dirt loves to hide, so you can be sure nothing gets missed.

      Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions: Gentle on Your Child and Kind to the Planet

        Eco-Friendly Vibes: We’re all about being kind to the planet. That’s why we use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your kiddo and gentle on Mother Earth. Our green cleaning methods mean you get a spotless clean without harming the environment.

        Hassle-Free Service: Convenient Solutions for Busy Parents on the Go

        Easy Peasy for Busy Folks: We know you’ve got a lot on your plate. That’s why we’ve made our carseat stroller cleaning services super convenient. Just book an appointment with us, drop off your gear (or let us pick it up), and we’ll take care of the rest. Easy as pie!

        Budget-Friendly Pricing: Quality Cleaning That Won’t Break the Bank

        Wallet-Friendly Prices: Keeping your kiddo’s stuff clean shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s why we keep our prices affordable. No hidden fees, just straightforward pricing that won’t break the bank. You can give your little one’s carseat stroller cleaning the TLC it deserves without worrying about your budget.

        Ready to Roll? Schedule Your Car Seat’s Spa Day Today with Rockabye Baby Rentals Houston!

          Don’t stress about keeping your kiddo’s car seat and stroller clean. Let the friendly folks at Rockabye Baby Rentals handle it for you! With our expert cleaning, convenience, and wallet-friendly prices, you can breathe easy knowing your kiddo’s gear is in good hands. Schedule a carseat stroller cleaning appointment today and see the difference for yourself!

          Why choose Rockabye for Carseat Stroller Cleaning?

          Rockabye has been in the business of cleaning and sanitizing baby gear since 2006. We have years of experience, developed from cleaning our rental gear and consulting with manufacturers to assure the best results. Check out our blog post about our car seat cleaning services, you won’t be disappointed.

          What does it cost for Carseat Stroller Cleaning?

          It’s simple really, we don’t have subscriptions or different levels of cleaning. Rockabye believes gear is either clean or not clean – nothing in between. So, we don’t have different levels of carseat stroller cleaning. Cleanings take approximately 48-hours with the majority of that time being drying time. Curious what a manufacturer recommends? We only clean per each manufacturer’s recommendations. Check out this post from Evenflo.

          Most Carseat fabrics should never be tumble dried. Not only can it damage attached foam and lining, but it compromises the flammability components of the materials. We don’t charge extra for spots – we simply do our best to get rid of them. We don’t just vacuum or wipe fabrics clean. Our cleanings are thorough, and fabrics are washed. Thus, our carseat stroller cleaning prices are flat rates:

          Car Seats $45 to $65 (depending on brand)
          Single Strollers with removable fabrics $55
          Single Strollers with permanently affixed fabrics $65
          Double Strollers with removable fabrics $75
          Double Strollers with permanently affixed fabrics $85
          Biological Cleaning (Diaper Blowout, Urine or Vomit $15 extra
          Door to Door Pick-up/Return Service $30 within 10-miles of 77095 (Outside 15 miles call for price)
          Loaner car seat or stroller $10/day
          Fluids/Stain Repellent Treatment (Non-toxic, PAFS-free, nanotechnology based) $20/application.

          Do you have examples of your carseat stroller cleaning?
          Graco Before
          Graco Before
          Britax Click Tight Before
          Clek Before
          Graco After
          Graco After
          Britax Click Tight After
          Clek After

          Do you need a loaner while we clean your car seat? Since we are a rental company, we have a full inventory of Car Seats and Strollers. A loaner is an additional $10 per day to help keep your child safe while getting around town.