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Car Seat & Stroller Cleaning Services – Houston TX

Rockabye Baby Rentals Houston provides car seat and stroller cleaning services. During this time of concern regarding Corona virus and need for cleanliness, why not clean up the baby gear your child uses daily. We don’t offer on-site cleaning because we don’t believe that “spot” or “sponge” cleaning is actually clean. We remove fabrics fully launder and air dry them. We deep clean the shell to remove all the crumbs, sticky stuff, and other yucky stuff. We sanitize to kill all germs, dry, then reassemble everything so you have a fully cleaned car seat that is as close to new as possible.

Carseat Cleaning Disinfection
Example of the bacteria level present on most child carseats
Why choose Rockabye for Car Seat & Stroller Cleaning?

Rockabye has been in the business of cleaning and sanitizing baby gear since 2006. We have years of experience, developed from cleaning our rental gear and consulting with manufacturers to assure the best results.

What does it cost to clean a car seat?

It’s simple really, we don’t have subscriptions or different levels of cleaning. Rockabye believes gear is either clean or not clean, nothing in between. So, we don’t have different levels of cleaning. Cleanings take approximately 48-hours with the majority of that time being drying time. We don’t charge extra for spots. We don’t sponge or wipe fabrics clean. Our cleanings are thorough. Thus, our prices are flat rates:

Car Seats $45 to $55 (depending on brand)
Single Strollers with removable fabrics $45
Single Strollers with permanently affixed fabrics $55
Double Strollers with removable fabrics $65
Double Strollers with permanently affixed fabrics $75
Diaper Blowout or Vomit $15 extra
Door to Door Pick-up/Return Service $30 within 15-miles of 77095 (Outside 15 miles call for price)
Loaner car seat or stroller $10/day
Fluids/Stain Repellent Treatment (Non-toxic, PAFS-free, nanotechnology based) $15/application

Do you have examples of your cleaning?
Graco Before
Graco Before
Britax Click Tight Before
Clek Before
Graco After
Graco After
Britax Click Tight After
Clek After

Do you need a loaner while we clean your items? Since we are a rental company, we have a full inventory of Car Seats and Strollers. A loaner is an additional $10 per day to help keep your child safe while getting around town.