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Carseat Rental: Affordable for Visiting Guests

Child Carseat Rental is one of Rockabye’s most requested products. Traveling with young children is hard, but car seats are required for young children. Rockabye helps lighten the load by offering all types of clean and safe carseats. Our carseat rental are from popular and highly respected brands like Chicco, Graco, Britax, and Evenflo.

We offer baby seats for babies from 4 pounds up to 35 pounds. Convertible carseats or Stage 2 which can install either rear or forward facing. Some of our convertible car seats accommodate children up to 65 pounds. Our boosters for bigger kids can be used harnessed or unharnessed, and we have backless boosters for children that just need a boost to safely wear a vehicle’s seatbelt. Need more information about Rockabye? Check out our About Us page for more details.

Carseat Rental | Rockabye Baby Rentals

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How to select the correct carseat rental

For carseat rental, keep in mind that child seats are not measured by age. Instead, the important factors are a child’s weight and height to determine the correct car seat rental. Carseat rentals are available in all styles, meaning infant, convertible, toddler and booster. Know the style of carseat your child requires. While some States permit children to ride forward facing after 12-month, the American Academy of Pediatricians recommends children remain rear facing until 2-years of age or longer. Rear facing is the safest position for children. Be aware that all carseats sold in the USA undergo the same safety testing, thus all carseats are safe, provided they are installed correctly and are in good condition. 

Types or Stages of Carseats

There are 4 types of carseats for children: Stage 1 – The infant carseat which, in the U.S. is commonly two pieces, the infant carrier seat and the base which installs in the back seat of a vehicle. Stage 2 – The convertible carseat which is one piece and can install rear or forward facing. Stage 3 – The toddler carseat is one piece and installs forward facing and has a 5-point harness. Stage 4 – the belt positioning booster seat is one piece and comes in high back booster or backless booster and uses the vehicle seatbelt to secure the child.