Carseat Rental

Rockabye Baby Rentals has carseat rentals in all our locations. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends all children under 12-years of age and under 4’9″ be secured in an approved safety carseat when riding in a vehicle. Current AAP recommendations are to keep children rear facing to a minimum of the age of 2-years, or to the maximum rear facing limits of the carseat rental. Forward facing carseats are appropriate with 5-point harness to the maximum limit of the car seat or approximately 5 to 7 years, before transitioning to booster mode using the vehicle’s seatbelt. Backless boosters should never be used for a child under the age of 4-years. U.S. Laws vary State to State, but carseats are required for children in the United States.

Baby Rentals by Location

How to Rent a Carseat

Choosing a baby rental company can be confusing. We recommend doing an online search “Carseat Rental + destination city”. Specifically you want to look for a provider that has both a physical presence, and has been in business for a period of time. This avoids many hobbyists and fly by nights.

There is no actual Nationwide Baby Rental Company in the U.S. The problem is these entities simply take your order and farm it out to someone else in your destination. Brokers and gig services have never seen the equipment you will receive, have no clue how the equipment is stored or maintained, and often have never met the person they are sending to deliver your items. As compared to a Local baby rental business that contribute to their local economy by paying required taxes and background checking their baby rental staffs. 

If you are staying at a hotel, consider speaking to the Concierge for recommendations on renting carseats and boosters. They are a fantastic free resource for car seat rental. While we hope you will choose Rockabye Baby Rentals to Rent carseats at our Locations, if you are planning a trip outside our service areas, we maintain a list of Baby Rental Companies throughout the U.S. and are more than happy to refer you to a company in other markets.

How to select the correct carseat

For carseat rentals, keep in mind that seats are not measured by a child’s age. The important factors are a child’s weight and height to determine the correct car seat rental. Carseat rentals are available in all styles. Know the style of carseat your child requires. The American Academy of Pediatricians recommends children remain rear facing until 2-years of age or longer. Rear facing is the safest position for children. Be aware that all carseats sold in the USA undergo the same safety testing, thus all carseats are safe provided they are installed correctly and are in good condition. 

Types or Stages

What are the types or stages of car seat rental?

There are 4 types of carseats for children: Stage 1 – The infant carseat which, in the U.S. is commonly two pieces, the infant carrier seat and the base which installs in the back seat of a vehicle. Stage 2 – The convertible carseat which is one piece and can install rear or forward facing. Stage 3 – The toddler carseat is one piece and installs forward facing and has a 5-point harness. Stage 4 – the belt positioning booster seat is one piece and comes in high back booster or backless booster, and uses the vehicle seatbelt to secure the child.