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Baby Gear Rentals: The benefits of Home during Travel

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Rockabye has baby gear rentals and accessories in each of our service areas. Baby gear encompasses all those baby accessories like baby gates, baby baths, monitors, changing pads, bottle warmers, nursing pillows, rocking chairs, and so much more. Brand name products like Graco, Safety 1st, Vtech, North States, Evenflo – purchased new specifically for rent to traveling families.

Baby gear rentals delivered to your destination whether that is a private residence, rental property or hotel. Always delivered clean and bagged to minimize dust and handling by others. Need more information about Rockabye? Check out our About Us page for more details.

Houston Baby Gear Rentals

Houston Baby Gear Rentals

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Galveston Baby Gear Rentals

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Palm Beach Baby Gear Rentals

Baby Gear Rentals – Delivery

Delivery to residences – Rockabye will call your designated family member or friend to coordinate a convenient time for delivery and pick up of the baby gear. A good contact telephone number is needed. We will ask if there are any gate codes, guard gates or other information needed to arrive on time. Although, it’s helpful if we have that information at the time an order is placed.

Delivery to Rental Properties – Rockabye will need a contact name and telephone is needed for your Airbnb Host, VRBO property manager, or other property manager to coordinate delivery and pick up of Baby Gear Rentals. We request you inform your host/manager of the order with Rockabye so items are not removed by housekeeping or maintenance staff prior to your arrival. In the event your host/manager is not willing to accept delivery or allow access to items on your behalf, we will need to know so we can best coordinate with you.

Delivery to Hotels – Each hotel handles baby gear rental orders differently. Often there is a Concierge that will accept Baby Gear Rentals for you and note your reservation. Some hotels, if they are informed in advance by you, will escort Rockabye staff to your room so items can be set up. Occasionally, hotels will ask us to take to Housekeeping and their staff will place items into your hotel room.