Baby Gear Rentals

Rockabye offers baby gear rentals and child accessories in each of our locations. Baby Gear covers child items from bathing, feeding, safety and other items. All baby gear is in great condition. Thus, Rockabye inspects baby gear rentals to assure it is in good condition and safe for use by children. Whether your need is for pressure gates, infant monitor or an infant bath tub, we offer baby rentals for your hotel or other destination. We only offer items that are JPMA approved. Our safety check and cleaning process has been perfected since 2006 to assure you receive safe and clean gear. Read more about our cleaning process here.

Below you can find links to baby gear in each of our locations or choose location listed below to view a full description and photo.

Houston Baby Gear Rentals

Galveston Baby Gear Rentals

New Orleans Baby Gear Rentals

Miami Baby Rental

Fort Lauderdale Baby Gear Rentals

Palm Beach Baby Rental