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Baby Gear Rental FAQ

Rockabye answers questions daily. Many answers can be found in our Baby Gear Rental FAQ.  If you don’t find the answer to your question, then Call us +1-281-550-7885, we are happy to help.

Q. Is the baby gear sanitized?

Our cleaning process is extensive. All baby gear including crib mattresses are cleaned with Simple Green D pro 5 after each rental. This cleanser is a hospital grade disinfect for bacterial, viral, mold/mildew; including MRSA, Hepatitis B & C, Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 & Type 2, HIV/AIDS virus, Human Coronavirus, Avian Influenza and many more. Linens are professionally laundered in dye and perfume free detergent.

Following the initial cleaning, we steam items at 170 degrees to kill any possible bedbugs and lice. No other baby equipment rental company offers this level of sanitization. All Baby gear is safety inspected to assure any damaged, recalled or excessively worn equipment is removed from our rental inventory. Read more about our cleaning process.

To assure baby gear remains clean and dust free, we individually bag each item prior to storage.

Does the baby equipment meet current safety standards?

We purchase Baby Gear new and register every item with manufacturers. All items are JPMA certified and meet or exceed U.S. Federal Safety standards. Our cribs comply 16 CFR 1219 and 16 CFR 1220 safety standards for Cribs. We are registered with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to receive all product recall notices. If an item in our inventory is recalled, we immediately remove it from use permanently.

Are there a minimum number of days I must rent baby gear?

A 3-day (2 night) minimum is required. However, we do have minimum rental amount required per order. The subtotal minimum required is $40. This is not inclusive of delivery fees.

Our rental prices listed for items do not include delivery fees. Yes, delivery fees apply for all delivered orders. Delivery fees are added during the “Check Out” process. Delivery fees are based on the distance of the delivery location from our closest warehouse location.

When does the baby rental term start and end?

Rental term begins at the time the baby gear is delivered. The rental term ends on the date you designate in the order unless you have extended the rental or items are not available for pick up. On the date of scheduled pick up, items should be made free of food, diapers, and debris. Washing of linens is not necessary. Items should be on the doorstep of the property and ready for pick up by 10AM, earlier if an early pick up is requested.

Do you carry insurance?

Rockabye Baby Rentals is fully insured. Our insurance covers equipment while in our possession, during transport of equipment, and while our staff is on location delivering and picking up. However, due to the nature of rented items, insurance does not extend to the renter upon possession. At the time you or your designated agent accepts possession, liability shifts from Rockabye to the customer. Just like with cars and other rental items, you become responsible once you take possession.

Can Rockabye deliver to my hotel prior to arrival?

In most cases, yes. All items are left at the concierge or bell desk under your name. If your room is ready at the time of delivery, some properties will escort us to the room to place your items in it. During times of Sold Out events for Hotels, we may be required to leave items with Hotel Security. It is important that you plan to keep all items with you (in your hotel room) during your stay as hotels have very limited space for guest items. They will NOT hold your stroller when not in use.

It is important you notify the hotel of your rental with Rockabye. Please return baby rentals to the bell desk or concierge to hold for Rockabye pick up. Do NOT leave items inside hotel guest rooms, return items to the Concierge to hold for Rockabye to retrieve equipment.

Customers remain responsible for damage, theft and loss until items are back in Rockabye possession. Rockabye typically picks up from hotels at the end of the hotel’s designated Check-Out or if you prefer, we can pick up items directly from you prior to your check-out, within our service hours.

Can I pick up the baby equipment myself?

We can arrange for self pickup and self return at some of our locations. Although, our insurance requires we deliver crib rentals and toddler beds to the destination of use.

Can you deliver prior to my arrival?

When staying at a private residence, yes, we can. Provide us with the name, address and telephone number of the person at the residence where we are to deliver. We will contact them to coordinate a convenient delivery time to deliver your baby gear and crib rentals. Hotel rentals will be delivered to the Concierge, and we will request that your reservation be noted with the delivery information. Vacation rentals and AirBNB properties completely depend on the manager or host. It’s helpful if you notify your vacation rental manager/host that you have rented baby items for delivery to the property and provide Rockabye with their contact name and telephone. We will contact the manager/host to try to arrange delivery prior to your arrival (typically when housekeeping is preparing for your arrival). If the manager/host is unwilling to allow delivery prior to check in, then our staff will call you directly to coordinate a time to deliver items.

Do you install car seats?

It depends on the location you are renting from. We must have a certified CPST available in order to install car seats. If no certified CPST is available, then due to liability and insurance restrictions, Rockabye personnel cannot install car seats or assist with installation of car seat rentals. Manufacturer’s Instructions are provided with each car seat. Also, upon request we can email an installation video to you prior to your rental begin date. In addition, you can find an Inspection Station by going to the website. International travelers should be aware that only car seats approved by the United States are legal for use. Therefore, save yourself the trouble of traveling with car seats that may not be legal for use upon arrival.

Can you deliver to the Airport?

With the ever changing rules and regulations by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as of November 2017 we are no longer able to drop off or pick up baby items at Airports. These are restrictions of these Federal agencies and administered by the Airports. We realize this is an additional inconvenience to travelers, but we must abide by the laws, rules and regulations.

Are there reasons I should not use the Hotel’s crib?

In some cases hotels offer cribs to guests. However, most do not offer full-size cribs. Hotel size or Mini cribs, in addition to pack n plays are common at hotels. Hotel size cribs have a maximum weight rating of 35-lbs or approximately 2-years of age. Rockabye has crib rentals in two sizes.Many hotels only supply Pack N Plays which they call “cribs”. Pack N Plays have a weight limit of 30-lbs., so a child over that weight requires a real crib. Before you commit to using a hotel’s crib; be sure to ask about the size, the sheets and the condition. If you arrive at your hotel to find an unacceptable crib, give us a call. We will be happy to accommodate your crib rental needs based on availability.

What if I am not happy with the condition of the equipment?

We are confident you will be happy with the condition of our baby equipment. We conduct safety inspections and sanitize each piece of baby equipment before each rental. Please notify us if there is an issue with an item you received. If you are not happy, then we must be notified within 24-hours of delivery. We will replace a defective item with a suitable replacement as soon as possible. No refunds are available after delivery. Exchanges are not provided for items due to a child’s lack of interest or inability to sleep.

What are the baby rental terms?

Baby Rental terms and conditions are on our website, thus We ask you to read them carefully. You agree to all the terms stated by completing a reservation. You may read our complete Terms and Conditions here, and our Privacy Policy here

When will you process my credit card?

Payment is due at the time of reservation. Providing a payment method reserves equipment. If you choose online payment, the payment is processed at the time the order is accepted. If you provide payment by phone, we will process the payment closer to your date of rental.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • More than 5-Days in advance of delivery – full refund minus the $20 non-refundable processing fee.
  • Within 5 to 2 of delivery date – 50% refund of the order total.
  • Inside 2-days of delivery date – no refund is provided.
  • No-show for self pick up or refusal on site at time of delivery – no refund is provided.
  • We do not pro-rate once a rental has begun. Prior to the start of a rental, we are happy to adjust dates, rental periods, and rates. Refunds are not provided for early termination of orders or for unused baby gear.
How far in advance should I make a reservation?

Place your baby equipment reservation as soon as you make your travel arrangements. We recommend reserving early when traveling during a holiday or peak travel period. We do sell out at peak seasons. Commonly, reservations begin 6-months prior to a major holiday. Place orders no less than 2 weeks of a major holidays, since Rockabye normally sells out of popular items like crib rentals. Should you have a last minute rental need, don’t hesitate to call. We will do our best to accommodate short notice requests.

We rent baby equipment on a First Come basis. Therefore, unpaid orders are subject to cancellation at any time.  Payment confirms orders.

Why should I rent instead of traveling with my own baby gear?

The reasons are many and varied for renting baby gear. Airlines consider baby equipment additional and often bulky luggage, in addition they charge dearly for baggage. It’s less costly to rent in many cases. International travel has more restrictions than domestic, with many restrictions on luggage.

Increased security at Airports globally, plus increased luggage per person, equals a longer check in process for all. Airlines can, on occasion, damage and lose your baby equipment in transit. Baby gear is exempt from liability by the airlines in the ticketing terms and conditions. Traveling with a child can be a comfortable experience when you know that your baby’s needs are ready for your arrival.