Baby Crib Rental – Toddler Bed Rentals

Baby Crib rental and Baby Bed rentals are a great solution for a good night’s sleep. When traveling away from home, whether on vacation or for business, it’s important that everyone is able to sleep well. Children are especially sensitive to changes in places and beds. Many hotels only offer PortaCribs or Hotel Cribs. Rockabye also has these baby crib rental options, plus more.

Children over the age of 2 and many tall children are not safe in pack n plays or mini. Pack n Plays are weight rated for children up to 30-lbs, Mini crib rentals are weight rated to 35-lbs. It’s important for both safety and comfort that young children sleep in an appropriate baby crib rental. Our Full Size crib is like the crib at home, with a standard mattress and linens which are appropriate for children up to 35-inches height (approximately 4-years-age) or 50-lbs.

Rockabye’s child bed options comply with all safety regulations and fold to easily transport and move through standard doorways. We thoroughly clean and sanitize every item prior to rental and are proud to provide more information about our cleaning process. Whether you need long term or short term rental, we have the crib rentals to help.

US Crib Safety Standard

Crib rental  have dimensions which are federally regulated. Standard full-size crib mattress is 27¼ inches wide by 52 inches length, with baby beds 30 inches by 54 inches. These standards are set by the ASTM and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association which require openings between slats be no greater than 2⅜ inches apart. Rockabye’s cribs baby bed rentals are all ASTM & JPMA approved, as well as meet the current CPSC safety standard.

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